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About us

Gev Consulting is a business strategy consulting firm in Africa. We build sustainable businesses with outstanding players for multiple benefits. 

Gev Consulting is also a project incubator that invests in ideas, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions for high social and financial returns. 

Our mission statement: Accelerating business success by connecting doers with human and financial capitals.

Building a customer service environment, a sustainable community with outstanding players that benefits investors, consumers and the world. 


Our value


Our job is to fill hearts with joy and love.


     We stand for the ideas we believe in and strive to bring  dreams to life.


     We deliver multiple financial returns to our shareholders while engaging our stakeholders for a sustainable community.


We care for families, communities, and the planet.


     We believe in fair trade for a better world.

Our Programs


Human Capital

Human Capital is an internship program for young graduates who want to gain experience in the working world. The program offers participants a flexible internship program of 3 to 6 months, at the end of which the best are recruited to work on the various projects that Gev Consulting undertakes. Click here for more.

Financial Capital 

Financial Capital is a developing initiative that aims to invest a certain amount of money directly into projects and businesses in Africa and the African diaspora.

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