Gev Consulting, a Business strategy consulting firm, builds sustainable businesses with exceptional doers for multiple profits.  

Gev Consulting is also a project incubator investing in ideas, startups, small and medium enterprises, and public institutions for high social and financial returns. At Gev Consulting mainly focuses on ideas that can:

  • Ease life  

  • Enhance social development 

  • Empower local economy



Build on the foundation of client service, with exceptional doers, a sustainable business environment for multiple benefits for investors, consumers, and the world.


On the foundation of client service, provide a strategy to build sustainable community with savvy doers. 




  • Compassion

We play our role for a change to fill people’s heart with compassion and love.

  • Courage

We stand for idea we believe in and we play hard to bring your dreams alive.

  • Creating share values

We guarantee multiple financial returns to our shareholders while engaging our stakeholders for sustainable community.

  • Security

We believe in Fair deal and Fair trade for a better world.

  • Sustainability

We care for families, communities and the planet.