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Building sustainable businesses with exceptional doers for multiple profits

Ferme de l'agglomération -logo.jpg

La ferme de l’agglomération a pour vision de développer l'agriculture périurbaine et urbaine avec la promotion des petits entrepreneurs au sein d’un hub (cluster) axé sur l’économie durable et inclusive. 

Ayant l’ambition de créer une société semi privée ou semi publique de produits agro-sylvo-pastoraux. La ferme de l'agglomération a pour mission de produire de la viande de qualité à goût varié pour le marché local au Togo.


Action Accès Santé is an association that fights against poverty through the promotion and development of solidarity and humanitarian actions in the field of health, in rural and urban areas, in third world country. Action Acces Santé launched  in Togo a health access project to offer quality healthcare to coverage through sponsorship to those who could not afford any medical insurance coverage.

Logo Immofil.jpg

Immofil is your mobile app for real estate listings in Africa. This app is an Android mobile device interface for real estate listing site. With this app you can to post your real estate ad to or search through ads available on this site. It supports posting properties for sale and for rent as well as real estate related services.

Gev Immo Project Idea

Gev Immo, a real estate’s platform combining hotel booking and realtors directory. Incubated at Start it KBC from October 2015 to May 2017.

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